Our Farm Mission Statement


With a healthy supply of coffee and clean workspace, I have set about creating our new business plan and revising marketing materials for the 2016 season. The cold weather has also helped the process along, as winter prevents me from pursuing some of the 'more fun' projects around the farm. 

One of the first objectives in creating our business plan was to write a mission statement. This proved to be a daunting task as there are so many ideas that I want our farm to represent and encompass. After mapping out all my thoughts on paper and revisiting the goals we recently set for our farm, I came up with the following...

"The mission of Twist & Sprout Farms is to serve our local communities by becoming a year-round source of quality foods that are grown and raised using sustainable practices. These practices must improve ecological health on the farm while enhancing the quality of life for the farmers, customers, livestock and future generations. We will provide the public an unique and educational experience by maintaining a high-level of transparency in our work, and continue to advocate for farming principles that result in a more sustainable model of agriculture." 

I hope the paragraph conveys our own feelings about what a farm should be - a place where the land and soil are treated with respect in hopes of making it better and more beautiful over time. While such practices may take longer to implement and be more costly, our thought is that the benefits will extend well beyond the boundaries of the farm.

Now I would like your opinion - what do you think of our farm's mission statement?