Giving Thanks

My wife, son, and I all were graced with the opportunity to watch a beautiful sunrise from our living room window this past week. I looked at my young family and tried my best to relish in every second of the experience. At the same time, I couldn't help but think of people fleeing terror and oppression in other parts of the world. People that were not as fortunate as I to have a job, a roof over their head or to live without fear of having no food to eat. People who's spouses had been raped or killed, their children stricken with some incurable disease. There are a billion ways my life could be worse - that fact that there are such lives for me to compare mine to is saddening. 

So on this Thanksgiving day, let us give thanks for what we have, but let us focus more on what others do not and how we can bring more good to this world. People - not just family and friends - are what makes being human so beautiful. We all have talents, experiences and the desire to learn - share those parts of you with others. In doing so, we may one day live world where very little evil lurks, for in hearts of joy and happiness, there is no room for vile thoughts and feelings to dwell.

I wish you all an enjoyable Thanksgiving - may the conversation be good and your bellies/souls full!