It’s A Tough Job, But…

I’m a stay-at-home mom, and I wouldn’t trade it for any glamorous job title or fat paycheck in the world. I know how challenging it can be: on those days you look forward to bedtime so you can FINALLY take a shower, those days you swear that even if you had three washing machines it’d be impossible to keep up with the laundry, and those nights when, even though you’re a sleep-walking zombie, you do everything in your power to console your restless little one so that daddy can get some sleep before work. So all of my fellow stay-at-home mommies please don’t take this the wrong way, but in my opinion, daddy has the much tougher job.

Not only is he juggling conference calls, emails, and last-minute projects that keep him planted at his desk burning the midnight oil; he’s thinking about his family during every minute of it all. Wondering if today is the day his son will say “Da-Da” for the first time, or if there’s enough coffee in the house for his wife to function on last night’s two hours of sleep. I’m willing to bet that most dads would jump at the chance to stay at home rather than climb the corporate ladder, but they make sacrifices out of love for the greater good of their family.

While I watch my son mimicking his daddy playing the guitar after dinner, I realize that I get countless moments to connect with him throughout the day but this may be the first time today that they’ve had that chance. I feel guilty sometimes, knowing that my husband is staring at a computer screen while I’m watching our son grow up little by little each day. It’s completely unfair that I alone should have that privilege.

Undoubtedly, there are many families where mom works and dad stays at home with the kids. My thoughts apply equally to them, as well as single-parent families. I have the utmost respect for every parent who works to pay the bills and provide for their children, while at the same time making BEING a parent a priority.

Our son is the most precious gift my husband and I have ever received, and the opportunity to stay at home with him is the greatest gift my husband could ever give me. This post is my feeble attempt to thank you and recognize all the unspoken sacrifices you make without a second thought. Baking you a batch of butterscotch cookies before dinner wouldn’t go unnoticed either, I suspect.