Farm Goals

Our farm is a very important extension of our life, therefore, we have a lot of long and short-term goals pertaining to the farm. Here are a few that we would like to share with you!

1) Be profitable - Let's face the facts - we don't have a money tree or trust fund that we can dip into. In order to address the rest of our goals, the farm must first and foremost be profitable. Every project we start on the farm must have purpose and fit into long-term plans. Our goal is to have the farm serve as the main source of income in five years.

2) Improve biodiversity and soil health - Taking care of the land is one of our top priorities. Nutritional and delicious produce/livestock starts with healthy, active soil! We will implement practices that improve soil structure, floristic quality and number of wild species found on the farm. 

3) Enhance quality of life - The farm should not only increase the amount of happiness we experience in our personal lives, but also in the lives of people in our local and online communities. This can be achieved through creating learning experiences in the form of workshops, farm tours, online dialogue and blog posts/videos. 

4) Improve health and well-being - Food that is grown/raised here at Twist & Sprout Farms will be of the highest quality that we can possibly offer. We are firm believers that the quality of information and food that we feed our minds and bodies is a direct reflection of our physical and mental health. We hope to address both through growing delicious foods and building community around farm activities!

5) Benefit local economies - Small-scale or micro-farming farming not only benefits the farms and consumers, but people living near the farm and in the surrounding community. Micro-farms growing for local markets reduce emissions, keep money in local communities and reduce waste (packaging, product lost during transit/storage). Read more about the benefits of buying local and organically grown produce.

6) Serve as a conduit of small farm education - We will always be a small farm because we believe that small farms are more in-tune with the land, their crops, livestock and the consumer. Once a farm reaches are certain size, that personal connection is lost and all parties involved lose out.

We hope to share our experiences with others through education days on the farm, held quarterly around specific events and activities taking place on the farm. This allows consumers to grasp a better understanding of where their food comes from and how it is produced. 

7) Raise healthy livestock in an ethical manner - No living creature should be deprived quality of life, even if the end goal is to produce meat for the dinner plate. We will meet and exceed standards set by the Animal Welfare Approved organization. 

8) BONUS GOAL: Our farm is a labor of love -  we promise to do all we can to help nourish the bodies, feed the minds and fill the hearts of those around us. When our time is over, we hope the world has become a better place because of these efforts.

Wishing you all the best, Cam