A Message from Your Farmers... 

Welcome! Our names are Cameron and Brielle Pauli. We're the husband and wife duo that manage all aspects of Twist & Sprout Farms. Our journey into sustainable agriculture began in 2014, when we decided to start a produce CSA. Since then, the farm has evolved into numerous enterprises, with a strong focus on pasture-raised eggs and pastured pork production. We also tend a sizable garden, keep bees and make maple syrup. Days on the farm are spent collecting eggs from our mischievous chickens, keeping the dogs in line and working on the next big "farm project". None of this would have been possible without the help and support of our customers, community and family members. We want to personally thank you for visiting our website and hope to meet you in the near future. 

Wishing you all the best, Cam & Brielle

Farm History

Twist & Sprout Farms was created on a one-acre plot of rented land in 2014. Neither of us had any experience of growing produce at that scale, but we were bound and determined to run a CSA program our customers could be proud to be a part of. After a successful season, we realized that in order to pursue our farming dreams, we'd be better off to purchase a place of our own where we would have more control over the setup, layout and utilities on a property.  

In August of 2015, we purchased a small farm located near Watertown, WI. The property was a perfect setup for us which included numerous outbuildings, a small woodlot and open field for potential pasture or gardening space. We moved in four days before our wedding after spending a month cleaning out the house and making necessary repairs. Since then, we've repaired and partially restored a the large chicken coop, which was built in 1944. We currently raise red wattle hogs and a couple steers.

Mission Statement

The mission of Twist & Sprout Farms is to serve our local communities by becoming a year-round source of quality foods that are grown and raised using sustainable practices. These practices must continually improve biodiversity and soil health on the farm, while also enhancing the quality of life for the farmers, customers, livestock and future generations. We will provide the public an unique and educational experience by maintaining a high-level of transparency in our work, and continue to advocate for farming principles that result in a more sustainable model of agriculture.